A new story from Willie Wanker's Chocolate Factory (

by Davey V.

I never get to have what I really want. I didn't think kids like me ever get what they want most because kids have to go to school and do their work and eat bad stuff and all. Then I met the Candy Man.

"Hello!" said the Candy Man. "What's your name?"

"Cindy," I said.

"Well, Cindy, have you ever dreamed about having ALL THE CANDY YOU CAN EAT?" I couldn't believe he was saying that. How did he know that was my dream? I was really, really excited, and I almost peed myself.

The first thing he did was take out big sacks of peanut M&Ms. There were candies overflowing onto the floor, but the candy man didn't even care because he had so much candy. "Take them, Cindy," he said. "I want you to have them."

I ate and ate, shoving handfuls of all the different color M&Ms into my mouth until all the little crackly parts were in my teeth and they hurt.

"Do you like Gummi Worms, Cindy?" he asked. "Let me give you all the gummi worms you like." He took the biggestest bowl full of Gummi Worms I ever saw. "Eat them, Cindy. Take more! Take more! I want you to have them!"

End of Part 1A

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